Roaming around Fort Santiago – Inside the Walled City

07 Aug

Okay, enough with the picture quotes for now. It’s high time I share with you my adventure in Intramuros specifically in Fort Santiago.

I’ve been going to Manila a couple of times but I have never sat foot in Intramuros ever since. I wanted to but just too scared to venture out alone in the capital. Thankfully during my last vacation, one of my college friends who is residing an hour or two from the capital willingly met and toured me around the Walled City.

My idea of Intramuros is something like that of an old medieval kingdom (without the knights of course). I’m not referring to castles and all that majestic structures but more on structures made up of thick stones, real hard woods, elegantly made stained glasses and old fashioned furniture and stuffs.

When we finally went to Intramuros, we were only able to visit Fort Santiago and Manila Cathedral since we did not have ample time to walk around the entire city. Visiting Fort Santiago was enough for me since it was a historical place worth seeing as it is where our national hero Jose Rizal was imprisoned before his execution in 1896.

With the Rizal Shrine museum which displays the memorabilia of the national hero, the thick stone defensive wall and the beautifully carved main gate, Fort Santiago definitely didn’t disappoint me.

Below are few of the photos inside Fort Santiago.

DSC06171The national historical landmark marker of Fort Santiago

DSC06083Paying the fees

DSC06085Taking a photo with my college friend at the park before going inside the Fort

DSC06087What a very pleasant place to look at – so green, so refreshing to the eyes

DSC06090Few of the statues in the park

DSC06099The main gate of Fort Santiago

DSC06110The sign says it all

DSC06118Photos of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero

DSC06119The first translated book of Noli Me Tangere (Latin for Touch Me Not) which was written by Jose Rizal himself.

DSC06125Once you become a national hero… you’ll definitely be in the postage stamps

DSC06126And in the country’s currency as well

DSC06138Paintings found at the viewing room

DSC06144Artworks of the national hero (displayed on the walls)

DSC06147This is the replica of the room where the national hero was being arraigned

DSC06150A painting that depicted the execution of Jose Rizal

DSC06109 Sorry… forgot what this one

DSC06111 The Dungeons

DSC06158Plaza de Armas. This is the center plaza of Fort Santiago.

DSC06162Nice vehicle but it’s not operational. Guess for photo ops purpose only LOL

DSC06165Paintings for Sale

DSC06172Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica. This is the church just a few meters away from Fort Santiago.

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