To my girls

31 Dec

It’s been three years now since our paths crossed.  The road to establishing our friendship was never the instant one… somehow, we took our time to bond and gradually it grew over the years, nonetheless, it is the most precious treasure I’ve dig up in this big sandbox.  Anyhow, we actually started out as a big noisy group then eventually got sifted and weeded out until only the Magnificent Six remained.  We are indeed the survivors! LOL

Fast forward to present, we are now working separately and trekking in our own path towards success and greatness but I’m still really grateful that our friendship remains steadfast after all life’s challenges and changes.  We may at times lose touch with each other but this only made the meet ups more memorable and enjoyable.

Just recently, our resident online celebrity made a shocking confession.  I admit that I am partially aware of it but it was still a great surprise to know that she felt that way deeply.  I remember how I used to reassure her that it was her presence that matters the most.  Anyhow, may she always remember that we love her as she is and that there will never be judgment from me and I’m sure from everyone as well.

It was actually a blessing in disguise (for me) that this moment happened because it made me realized that there are still a lot of things we don’t know about each other and there are also things which we are not aware of – especially how we impacted other’s lives because of our mere existence.  So, before I close 2016, let me tell each and every one of you why you are special to me…

Brendy… Did you know that you are the life of our meet ups? Yes you are… the group is a little serious than usual when you are not around because nobody will makes us laugh so hard like you do.  Your silliness is what makes you so special. Your ability to find humor in everything you encounter, to be able to laugh at yourself and to be able to share laughter with others are uncommon traits which most people wishes they also possess (me included). Hence, celebrate your being you just as much as we do because we certainly need someone like you in this world to lighten up the load and help us forget our worries for a little while.

Kimmy… the official sexy driver of the group and my breakfast/brunch buddy (hope we can still do this once in a while).  For all the times you afforded me with your time to listen to my colorful love life… thank you for being there.  For all the things you have shared with me about yourself… thank you for the trust.  Our long conversations was certainly one of the things that always helps me through any heartbreak and I’ll forever be grateful to you for this. I also want you to know that I wish I could be as brave as you – that in spite the uncertainty, you are willing to take the risk just so you can live the life you always wanted and dream of.  Do shower me with some of that bravery.

Francia… if there’s one word that will best describe you, it will be “DRIVEN”.  Indeed, you are the most driven person I’ve met in my 26 years on earth (violent reaction is not welcome LOL).  Seriously, it is so admirable to see someone who is 100% driven to achieve her goals and fulfill her lifelong dreams; that no matter the challenges still you push through and never waver.  If only I have such resolve, I’m pretty sure I will not gain this fats every again LOL.  Anyhow, thank you for telling me that you were inspired of my bucket list. You made me realized that my weirdness is not such a bad thing after all. Thank you also for the unplanned conversations over hotpot… keep it coming.

Haydee… You are the busiest bee I’ve known in my entire life!! Hahaha. At times, it feels like you can’t seem to find time to breathe but I’m glad that when you do need a breather, you choose to spend it with us.  It’s an honor.  Anyway, for all the genuine caring you have showed me… thank you.  For all the free pick & dropssss… thank you.  I want you to know that I admire your empathy and that makes you special especially when you will cry easily at the silliest COMEDY movie LOL.  For someone like me who seems to have a heart of stone, I wish I could have a little of that so I can as well function like a normal human being LOL.

Lovely… the most in demand guest in the whole wide world hahahah.  Although you sometimes missed out on our gatherings still I’m happy that you do make sure to be present for the most important ones (except for Bubble’s party LOL).  Anyhow, I want you to know that I admire and always will admire your calmness.  For the years that I’ve known you, I have never seen you furious even when you had a fall out with your roommates.  You always seem to take life with an open heart and never hold grudges against anyone.  I believe that is why people are drawn into you because you exude calmness, peace and positivity.  Things that I surely need to learn more.

Girls, I am truly happy for all of you.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  Thank you for making my 2016 as wonderful and memorable as it is.  I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017.  May your brightness continue to shine wherever you will be.  I’m so blessed to call you my friends.


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