Random thoughts: Ang teleserye ng totoong buhay -politics in the Philippines

27 Feb

As long as I could recall, I’ve always been non-partisan when it comes to politics whether it be at school, at work or in actual government of the country.  When I was in school, I joined the school COMELEC rather than choose between two political parties.  And that’s how it was all throughout my college life.

When I turned eighteen years old and was eligible to vote, I was both excited and anxious to cast my first vote.  I think I exercised my right to vote for three or four elections before I left the country and worked abroad.  During those times, I’ve been voting leaders whom I think are lesser evil because honestly, even then, no one really embodied the kind of president I envisioned.  Then 2016 came and I believed that election was a no-brainer.

I’ve been to Davao for couple of times and in fact, I consider Davao my second home.  I admired the way Dabawenyos respect the laws and the way they look up to their leaders. It doesn’t mean that they don’t complain (I recall how my sister-in-law complained about the speed limit but still followed them) but for the most part, they understand that these laws are put into place for their own good and safety.  And indeed, these laws made Davao safe – I can attest to that.  Another thing that needs to be highlighted is that people respect and love their leaders and that my friend is a plain and real testament that there is no dictator in Davao.

I think I digress LOL.

Anyhow, I will always choose Duterte over Mar Roxas whose incompetence shines as bright as the sun LOL because I saw in my own eyes the capability of Duterte to lead a city – a booming and safe city at that. Although, I would have also chosen Senator Santiago if only she was not battling cancer and the possibility of her winning and not being able to complete her term is not a pretty sight for me.  So, when Tatay Digong won the election (16 million votes baby!), it was really a huge relief. At last, the Philippines have a fighting chance to be overhauled and perhaps become a better and greater Philippines.

I thought that after the election, we will go back to our normal life and the divide will somehow cease to exist.  But boy I was SO WRONG!!  The bickering seemed to have lingered longer than it should.  And the party who claims to be the championed of Philippines’ democracy can’t seem to accept their defeat.

Being a sore loser as they are, they started making more noise.  They started creating scenes previously seen only in Philippines teleserye (tv series).  In all honesty, it is more interesting and enjoyable to watch what’s going on in the Philippines than watching the nonsense telenobelas they are showing.  The politics of the Philippines is now an actual “ANG TELESERYE NG TOTOONG BUHAY” especially with the multi-talented actors and actresses courtesy of the yellow party.

I’m not even quite sure if these yellow actors and actresses are just following the storyline or they are simply experiencing amnesia (perhaps selective amnesia) because whatever they are doing or saying now are the same things they ACTUALLY did in the previous administration or OPPOSITE of the things they said before the election.

Let’s take Trollanes for example.  Before the election, he said during his interviews that Duterte is not corrupt.  That time he was courting Duterte and asking him to make him his Vice-President.  He got turned down and that’s when he started his crusade against the man. Another example is the Saba queen. She’s insisting to pin down the EJKs to Duterte. What most international media doesn’t know is that she already investigated him long before he run for presidency about such accusation and she herself did not find concrete evidence against him.  Yet, here she is still insisting and accusing.  Now she is claiming that she was arrested for being a critic… My Dear, you are put behind bars because you did nothing about the drug menace when you were the DOJ Secretary and there are witnesses that can verify your involvement in it. tsk tsk tsk… playing the victim card, aren’t we??

The point here is that they are doing everything they can think of just to make a tiny dint in Duterte’s reputation; enough to make people doubt him and perhaps wishfully thinking that the masses will abandon him. What they failed to realize is that Duterte is just one of the many catalysts why people hated the yellow party or why they lost the election.  For thirty long years, they took hold of the government yet nothing changed in the lives of the ordinary Filipinos.  Instead, they felt (more than ever) the difficulty and challenges of life.

Then came Duterte.  The only politician who speaks their language. The only candidate whom they can relate to.  This election has truly ignited something inside all Filipinos and I believe this is the reason why LP was not able to do anything to stop Tatay D from winning. So, as long as Tatay D will remain true to his words and his platforms then I believe the masses will be on his side until he completes his term.

However… politics in the Philippines is ever dynamic so we have to be vigilant and always be aware of its development.


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