Random thoughts: FVP Leni Robredo

16 Mar

Disclaimer: I am not a political analyst nor am I well-versed in the world of politics.  This is just my observation and opinions of what is happening to my beloved Philippines.

FVP – what does it means?  I asked myself (yeah, it’s a very LOL moment).  Apparently, it means Fake Vice President.. my goodness LOL.  Anyhow, this FVP of ours is now in the spotlight for a VERY wrong reason.  I will show you first her transgression before I start venting.


First of all, WHY the hell is she smiling?  Is the topic she’s addressing funny?  Or perhaps at the back of her mind she is saying “Yes, eto na.  Sa akin na ang position!” Girl, if you want position, tell me and I will just show you. There is no need to bother the world with your shallowness.

Oh, before we go much farther, let me just say this.

Right from the start, I really don’t like you.  Let’s be clear with that.  Also, you have the liberty to call me a troll, I really don’t care as I don’t get my validation from you. Besides, trolls have their own movie and they are WAY WAY WAY cuter than you. So, I’m fine with it.


Now we have established that so let’s continue.

FVP… FVP.. FVP… did you ever stop and look yourself in the mirror and asked, “What have I done for the country lately?”  Seriously, I urge you to do a little… a tiny… a minute self-reflection and see if you have the SLIGHTLY right to even rant your unfounded accusations against the President and his administration.  In case you don’t have the time to do this then let me tell you what you have done for the country – thru my eyes.

** You have incessantly undermined the efforts of the government to implement the change that people has been clamoring for the past thirty years.  In my eyes, you and your party do not have the right to rant or even stay in power any longer BECAUSE we have given you thirty freaking long years to uplift the Philippines and the lives of our countrymen but what did you do?  You squandered the opportunity to do great things. Now, you and your party is crying like you are saints and you can do wonders for the Philippines?!?!?? Tell it to the marines!!! It is because of your political party that we are in this mess. EJK?? Girl, are you that dense not to notice that during your beloved Pnoy, there were more killings and the victims were truly innocent people?  I wonder why you care so much now when the victims were not so innocent and the perpetrator might even be someone they worked for.  Since we are talking about deaths, then why didn’t you stand and do all this bruhaha when the incidents they called SAF 44 and Mamasapano happened. You were so quiet dear.

** You have been given the opportunity to touch and change the lives of the Filipino through a cabinet position but what did you do?  You go around complaining that you do not have the budget and a lot of gibberish reasons why you cannot perform well. I am just a normal Filipino citizen FVP but I can easily understand that your budget was approved during the time of your beloved Pnoy so blaming the current administration that you have less or no monies in your wallet, este, in your department is like a dog barking at the wrong tree. You should have gone to your LP and forced them to show you the moneeeeyyy.  Perhaps if you were able to materialize the missing (Yolanda) funds then you don’t need all these pabebe for the people to love you.

** You abandoned your people when they needed you the most. Oh, my bad. It was not your fault. It was Supertyphoon Nina’s fault that she did not inform you one year ahead of time that she plans to visit your region. Shame on typhoon Nina.. tsk tsk tsk. Again, it was not your fault but the airline’s fault that you cannot find five seats to fly home.  OMG, are you for real?  First of all, you already knew before you left the Philippines that Nina will pass by your place. But you just snubbed her and in the process your constituents as well. It was at that exact moment when “para sa laylayan” flew out the window.  As if that was not enough, you were still nowhere to be found after she hit your province.  And when you did open your mouth, you will give us the lamest reason that you cannot find five seats to return home hence you were delayed?? Do you really take us for a fool?  I can’t even begin to explain my emotions when I saw photos of you smiling and having a good time while your region was receiving a beating from Super typhoon Nina.  Insincere and insensitive much??? By the way, I can’t begin to fathom where you are getting all these confidence and “kapal ng mukha” to even have the gall to complain that the progress of rehabilitating your province is very slow.  If you find it very slow, what can you say about your LP’s rehabilitation of Yolanda stricken provinces?

** and your greatest accomplishment my dear FVP – betraying the trust of the Filipino people by calling the international community to meddle in our affairs.  Did you ever think it through?  Like, did you count all the ways this action might go wrong?  I tell you what.  You have undoubtedly no idea what you are asking for.  If they will indeed do something about it, do you think the President’s supporters will take it sitting down?? HELL NO.  If you think that the process will be the same with how people power 1 transpired, you better think twice because I’m pretty sure it won’t be.  People now are well-aware my dear FVP.  They are no longer controlled by your party or by your mainstream media.  They are now starting to think for themselves.  They will fight for their right and for their country.  By the way, when you called the attention of the international community, did it ever occur to you that our country might become less inhabitable after these countries will do what you wish them to do?   Tell me, which country has been meddled with that came out better than they were before?  Tell me, because I cannot find one.  Perhaps in your imaginary world, you see our country flourishing under your leadership… tokhang, you like?

Aren’t your accomplishments wonderful FVP?  Please keep doing what you are doing and we’ll see saan ka pupulutin LOL.

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