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Random Thoughts: How not to be Leni Robredo

Leni has committed numerous blunders lately and I wanted to give her a piece of my mind but apparently, my brain cells are pro-Leni at the moment because they refuse to cooperate with me LOL. Just kidding.  I’m actually swamp with work and though I want to articulate my thoughts, I didn’t have the time until now.  Kidding aside, Leni Robredo really pissed me off with her recent display of stupidity.

Previously, I wrote about how the second highest official of the Republic called for the international community to meddle in our internal affairs and in the process, betrayed the Filipinos (Link).  That article was the result of my irritation to her.  As the consequences of her action starts to unfold, I will gleefully say I certainly don’t want to be in her shoes right now – hence, this article was born.

How not to be Leni Robredo.

It’s simple really… don’t be either too naive (to put it lightly) or very stupid (to be blunt).

Basically this is the problem of FVP.  She chose to be both. Why? Let me dissect her recent blunders.

She released a video to UN/DRCNet (UN/DRCNet video transcript) highlighting that “It is already February 2017, and the body count due to drug-related killings keeps growing. We are now looking at some very grim statistics: since July last year, more than 7,000 people have been killed in summary executions.” ANDThey told us of the “palit ulo” scheme, which literally means “exchange heads”, where the wife or husband or relative of a person in a so-called drug list will be taken if the person himself could not be found.” ANDSome of those who have told us that when there’s crime, they normally go to the police. Now, they don’t know where to turn. Our people feel both hopeless and helpless—a state of mind that we must all take seriously.” … these are some of the concerns she raised in her video.

When the people saw this, majority of them (including me) reacted negatively.  Who won’t? The second highest official of the country is calling other countries to meddle in our affairs – that is truly unacceptable. Thus, she reaped harsh criticisms from everyone; well, mostly everyone who are not Yellow fanatic or die hard supporter of FVP.

According to her supporters and defenders, she was just exercising her freedom of speech. WAIT!! Freedom of speech? Didn’t you call the President a dictator not so long ago? If he is indeed a dictator then she should not be able to enjoy that freedom to open her mouth and make a fool of herself, but she did so this clearly debunk your “dictator” propaganda. GOTCHA!!!

Anyway, releasing the video was already bad but FVP’s interview with Ted Failon (interview transcript) where she was trying to wiggle her way out of this mess, made it even WORST.  Take note, this was a scheduled interview, I’m sure she must have prepared for it. But her preparation didn’t show.  What transpired during that interview will really make you cringe and hate her even more.

She states during the interview that she was invited to attend as a panelist in one of the side events of UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs last January. Unfortunately, she cannot attend as she already planned her South Africa trip.  However,  UN/DRC asked a favor to send a video instead and they gladly obliged.

When asked about the 7,000 EJK figure she gave out in the video, she nonchalantly responded that she did not say all deaths are drug related.  WHAT!? She clearly mentioned it in the video and now she will say that it was us who misheard her? She even had the gall to insist that she never said it.  tsk tsk tsk…

(excerpt from the interview)

Q: 7,000 deaths, summary executions, to be exact ang inyo pong ginamit –

VP LENI: Wala akong sinabi doon Ted na iyon iyong drug related. Ang sinabi ko lang, from the time na, from the time na ni-launch iyong drug war, nagkaroon na tayo ng 7,000 summary executions.

She did mentioned that she asked a report from the PNP about the current statistics including the command memorandum circular of PNP’s double barrel. Her rationale for asking these documents is for her to be able to  respond effectively when issues concerning this operation arises. But her office was not provided with these so they look for the data elsewhere (HRW,  Amnesty international which by the way are pro LP) while justifying that it also came from the PNP statistics. Double tsk tsk tsk…

Below is the photo of the request they sent to PNP.. By the way, who the hell is Rolando Dela Rosa?  LOL


Moving on the next issue…

As she was trying to defend her claim of the “palit ulo” scheme of PNP, she informed the interviewer that her office actually talked to the family of the victim. What she failed to share with the interviewer and the viewers is the statistics of this claims as well.  Without the statistics, we will never know if this is an isolated incident or it rampantly happens during the operation.  Furthermore, she should have directly reported this to the PNP Director herself to be sure that it reaches the right authority. Instead, she reported it to UN and pretended that she has the full grasps of the objective of the PNP operation. It was only after she released the video and received criticism did she seek a meeting with DILG Secretary. The PNPA graduation she was referring to happened on March 24, 2017 which was too late; damage already done.

(Excerpt from the interview)

VP Leni: Nag-receive na kami, Ted sa opisina ng maraming mga urban poor groups na nag-rereport talaga. Medyo nakakabigla ang kanilang mga kuwento. Ang problema Ted, natatakot sila e. Ayaw nilang lumapit sa pulis, ang sinasabi ng iba, identified namin kung sino ang gumagawa at iyong ibang gumagawa, talagang members ng Philippine National Pulis.

Noong nagkaroon nga ako pagkakataon doon sa PNPA graduation, kinausap ko si Secretary Sueno. Sinabi ko sa kanya, sabi ko Sec. iyong aking report, talagang ano iyon totoo. Puwede bang sa iyo ko i-report? Puwede ba akong mag-seek ng appointment sa iyo?

Lastly, she mentioned that currently people feel hopeless and helpless because they don’t know to whom to ask help now. Well, I strongly disagree with FVP.  It was in the previous administration that people lost their trust to the police force. At present, people are starting to give back their trust little by little. We cannot deny the fact that there are still some police scalawags roaming free but in time they will have their time as well. In fact, as per the report of Manila Bulletin last March 24, 2017, 82% of Metro Manila residents feel safer due to the illegal drug campaign. (MB report) Unless otherwise this FVP lives in an alternate Philippines then she surely got her reports and statistics wrong.

There’s really no going back after that interview. FVP showed how naive she was to easily believe in the reports she had and stupid enough to share it to the whole world without even verifying its authenticity.  She may deny it but I believe it was her ambition to become the president that motivated her to do that video. Perhaps she thought that people will rally behind her once she destroys the image of the President and the PNP. She was so wrong. It only fueled people’s anger (i think hatred will be the right word now) towards her.  Nonetheless, it was a blessing in disguise. At least now people see first-hand her incompetence and being a.  Bravo Leni! Bravo!!


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